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My work method is based on treating the whole patient; finding the root of the problem and tailoring the treatment to the patient with emphasizing prevention and self-care. Prevention of disease is best accomplished through education and a lifestyle that supports health.

I treat using a variety of tools, specially tailed to the patient and their condition, including nutritional and lifestyle guidance and consultants, Herbology, body mind treatments, nutritional supplements, Bach Remedies, essential oils, and massage therapies.

As a young adult, I visited Israel on Birthright, and a year later, I made Aliya from Canada in 2005. My previous professional and school background was in the arts.

While studying art at Tel Aviv University, I started thinking about my next step. I had been in Israel three years, and enjoyed exploring the country, but like many Israelis before me, I wanted to travel the world.

I wanted to have an alternative profession which allows me work anywhere around the globe. I started studying massage therapy at Campus Broshim at Tel Aviv University and while taking a philosophy in health course, I immediately fell in love with the ideas and spirit of holistic medicine, and my husband and partner to be, Rahav. I didn’t take my long trip abroad, and instead, I took a long, deep journey into the world of complementary medicine, and its holistic approach.

I settled roots and enrolled into more years of studies, where I earned my Naturopathic Medicine (R. Na) practitioner degree, Clinical Herbologist (Cl.H) massage therapy, clinical medical massage therapy, and Master reflexologist. I have been working in the field and gaining experience since 2009. I spent nearly four years working in the public health care system (Clalit.) I specialized in the treating of fertility and women during pregnancy and preparation for childbirth.


For many years I lived a very intense life with many stressful working hours.
As a young cook and then as a chef I coped with enormous mental and physical stress.
As a result of this situation, I chronically felt confusion and distress. Moreover, this state caused a tendency to repeated colds, weakness in the digestive system and additional symptoms that reflected my mental state.
Upon my understanding that the situation will not change by itself, I decided to take responsibility over my life. In order to change I started seeking treatment.

For 12 years I received treatment and then became a student of my master. I studied his way of work which leans on Chinese and Japanese medicinal principles and the philosophical concept of Dao.
During the years I learnt from him and experienced the meaning of recuperation on all levels.
This experience left a strong mark on me and created the desire to impart the knowledge I acquired onto others, helping reduce their mental and physical distresses and increase their quality of life.
When I left the kitchen, I started studying Naturopathic medicine for two years (where I met my wife, Adi) and then I learnt Chinese medicine for an additional four years.

Today I am a qualified Traditional Chinese therapist (Dipl. TCM). I graduated from the Broshim Campus of Tel Aviv University and am a member of the Israeli Association of Chinese Medicine (I.A.TCM) and belong to the European Union of Ancient Chinese Medicine (ETCMA).

I learnt and apply the following techniques:
Acupuncture, Chinese herbology, Western and Chinese nutrition, Bach flower remedy, mind, body and soul therapy, Shiatsu, and nutritional supplement.

For an extra year, I studies and specialized in the treatment of babies and toddlers, using Chinese medicine.

I specialize in Japanese medicine and intertwine it into the treatment at the clinic.

I volunteer at Bnei Zion Hospital in Haifa in the department of gastro and surgery.