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Thank you Adi!

“I cannot speak more highly of the treatment I received from Adi. I recommend her whole-heartedly.

Adi truly helped me through her treatment and coaching. Combining massage therapy, breathing exercises, stress management, postpartum healing (following miscarriages), and dietary consultation, Adi helped empowered me to enact possessive change in my body that resulted in a noticeable improvement in my overall quality of life.

Adi provides a holistic experience, tailoring her treatment to the specific client and their needs, drawing from a large array of naturopathic and healing techniques. She is professional, attentive, empathetic, and most importantly, an extremely gifted healer. Her bedside manner is calming, and coupled with the soothing atmosphere of their treatment room/home, clients are made to feel safe and well-cared for. ”

Tally Helfont, Phildaelphia PA

Thank you Rahav

“Sometimes there are moments in life that you find the right person at the right place to make a change in your world and life. For me, it was with Rahav Harari.

Small subtle shifting needles coordinating a map throughout your brain, and everything looks different. Both physically and mentally.

Highly recommend!”

Meirav L.

Thank You, truly holistic treatment

“I arrived to Adi Harari without knowing exactly why, I wanted to experiment with alternative treatment and to feel more grounded. Later I went back for treatment when I was pregnant and I continued to consult with health issues on behalf on my year and a half year old daughter.

I discovered that Adi is attentive and pleasant. She gave me a sense of simplicity and understanding. She treated me through Bach remedies, reflexology, massage and genuine attentiveness, helping me untie knots that plagued my everyday even though I did not know at the time to call them by name.

With a true understanding of the human mind, the ability to identify and understand without embarrassment and how to make a woman feel comfortable and accept herself, Adi Harari is an amazing therapist I recommend, with great love”

Raz Shapira-Finburg, 32, Tel Aviv-Jaffa

massage and support

“I very much miss your wonderful treatments. You are a charming, sensitive and dedicated professional, and you have a wonderful touch.”

Yona Shachar, 68

Naturopathic treatment

I came to see Adi for holistic treatment two years ago. I met a lovely woman and full of light. Because of our meeting, my belief in mind-body connection has increased. Our treatments were like escaping to a calm and relaxed island in the middle of a busy life we live.

The treatment room is perfect and soothing, planned out thinking about the patients needs. It became a place for me to instantly dive in and feel calm. Diving is not always easy, but Adi accompanies you though the journey at your pace with honesty, support, and attentiveness.

Her therapeutic touch, as well as treatment with herbology, and aromatherapy oils that Adi concocted for me, became significant tools that I used in my day to day.

Adi was sensitive, and available throughout my journey, and expressed great openness in my experience, which made this experience possible, safe and pleasant for me.

Thank you Adi :)”



“I have been Adi’s patient for two years. She is an attentive therapist, aware of my physical and emotional. I came to Adi while in a lot of difficulties and pain, while throughout our treatments, I’m learning a lot about my body, emotions, and their effect on one another.

I can always consult with her on every issue that comes to mind (even if it is very intimate) and I trust her good advice and support.

The clinic is very welcoming and pleasant.

Adi helped me a tremendously and gave me the tools to deal with all kinds of adverse effect and processing the difficulties I went through and I’m still going through.

I recommend to anyone who wants to take care of themselves- body and soul to be under the hands of Adi.”